Thursday, March 27, 2008

Artist Profile: The Black Summer Crush

The Black Summer Crush evoke memories of The Who and Led Zeppelin et al. Their music upon first listen seems familiar, but fresh. The kind of music that you just keep thinking to yourself "haven't I heard this before?" It's familiar but not in the way of sounding like everything that is out there in radio land.

See for yourself but don't blame me when their songs get stuck in your head and you can't get them out. Check them out here.

As I'm sure you can tell I really like The Black Summer Crush. The reason why? Not just because of their well written songs. But more because they bring me back to when I first fell in love with music.

If your more of a visual type person check out this video of them playing at a fashion show in Los Angeles.


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Caplondon said...

BSC is an excellent rock band!! I have been following them for a year. Attended their gig at the House of Blues in Las Vegas. They were very good live band!!! If you like the hard rock from the 60's and early 70's give them a listen!!!