Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Artist Profile: The Midnight Lamp

"The Midnight Lamp' songs have come from a devotional place in our hearts and were (are) a natural progression of having so much music around us...and our life together. this "progression" is an open one...so dim your lamp...come in close...and take in The Midnight Lamp."

The Midnight Lamp is the combination of husband and wife team, Kishori and Scott Holiday. The music entices you to sit back, chill, and groove.

Check out The Midnight Lamp here.


Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Artist Profile: Corkscrew

Corkscrew has been turning heads since the fall of 2003 with their unique blend of songwriting and extended instrumental jams. Each member bringing a distinct musical style to the amalgam that is CORKSCREW. In the few short years that the band has been playing they have supported many national touring acts including Dickie Betts & Great Southern, Bob Weir and Ratdog, Buddy Guy, Los Lobos, Les Claypool, Mickey Hart Band, The Wailers,George Clinton and P-Funk, Robert Randolph and The Family Band, Live, The Radiators, Rose Hill Drive, Blue Floyd, Assembly of Dust, Deep Banana Blackout and Dark Star Orchestra.

Check out Corkscrew here.

Here is their MySpace site.

Here is a video of Corkscrew playing a great song called Imagine Me.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Support our friend - Chris Tondre - 4/16

One of our recent Artist Profiler's - Chris Tondre has a show coming up at The Derby (Los Angeles) on April 16.

Killer line-up and his best band yet!

Also, he has two new songs up, Move On and September's Gone, as well as some new pics. So check them out and let him know what you think. You can see all this at: www.myspace.com/christondre

Here are more details on the show:

4500 Los Feliz Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90027
Cost:$8 advance tix, $12 at Door
www. clubderby. com

8:00PM ARMADA http://www.myspace.com/armadaforpresident

8:50PM CHRIS TONDRE http://www.myspace.com/christondre

9:40PM CITY MUSEUM http://www.myspace.com/citymuseum


Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Rockin for Rescue - This Weekend!


Monday, April 7, 2008

Artist Profile: Scott Laughlin-Richard

Born and raised in the Beaumont/Port Arthur area in Southeast Texas, Scott Laughlin-Richard was influenced by that area’s diverse music scene at an early age. The Golden Triangle has spawned many well known artists, as well as many that never left the area. No matter the style, folks there seem to put a lot of heart and soul into their music.

Scott gravitates towards a blues/rock direction, but anything goes in the end. Influenced as a teen by bands like Wishbone Ash, Led Zeppelin, early ZZ Top, The Allman Brothers, Pink Floyd, etc., they still seem to be present in his style. Stevie Ray Vaughan said in an interview, that he was “...just playing everything that ever excited him.” Scott took that statement to heart, and that is what his music is really all about.

Here are some reviews for Scott:

"If you're looking for music you can like from the first listen, you've found it here. If you like blues rock with a hint of Stevie Ray Vaughan, you'll love these songs."

"Scott is an outstanding blues man and this CD is a must if you love blues or just great guitar work."

You can listen and purchase his music at CD Baby.


Monday, March 31, 2008

Artist Profile: Aaron Cheney

A songwriter and guitarist of ever increasing depth and scope, Aaron Cheney pens songs that communicate with people in simple, powerful ways. They have won awards, been cut by independent artists and placed in television, and his work as a session guitarist can be heard on radio ID's and jingles across the country on stations such as WSIX Nashville, KJR Seattle, and Chicago's Loop.

He is both a songwriting and guitar instructor and the author of the book Understanding Songwriting.

Check out his website at: www.aaroncheney.com/

You can listen to Aaron's music here.

Check out Aaron Cheney's book on songwriting on his site as well. Many things us "budding" songwriters can learn, and lots for you wily old veterans as well.


Thursday, March 27, 2008

Artist Profile: The Black Summer Crush

The Black Summer Crush evoke memories of The Who and Led Zeppelin et al. Their music upon first listen seems familiar, but fresh. The kind of music that you just keep thinking to yourself "haven't I heard this before?" It's familiar but not in the way of sounding like everything that is out there in radio land.

See for yourself but don't blame me when their songs get stuck in your head and you can't get them out. Check them out here.

As I'm sure you can tell I really like The Black Summer Crush. The reason why? Not just because of their well written songs. But more because they bring me back to when I first fell in love with music.

If your more of a visual type person check out this video of them playing at a fashion show in Los Angeles.